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"Dr. Williams delivered a Superb presentation at the Capital District Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church  November 18, 2016 at Hemingway Memorial AME Church, District Heights, MD.

The excellent presentation provided an understanding  of the basics of cancer and the leading cancer diagnosis for men and women. Easy to understand layman terms were used throughout a very visual PowerPoint that provide added clarity and understanding to what some would consider a difficult topic. The audience, approximately 100 clergy and lay, was empowered by Dr. Williams knowledge on the subject matter and the presentation style. We were very engaged and asked questions to the very last minute. After the conference, I had a better understanding about the basics of cancer, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and I know that my pastors and laity of the Capital District will benefit from my newly acquired knowledge.

Overall, the presentation was spectacular! I would definitely use this speaker again and recommend Dr. Williams highly for other speaking engagements!"

Louis-Charles Harvey,PhD
Presiding Elder, Capital District
Washington Annual Conference