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Education Center

Essential Information About Cancer That Everyone Should Know!

If you are concerned about a cancer diagnosis & value your time, then this is the “one-stop” location with the essentials on what you need to know about cancer!

Spend a little time here and maximize your appointments!

Cancer 101:  The foundation for understanding the basic processes associated with  a cancer diagnosis!

Recently diagnosed with cancer? Are you comfortable with the information you have or understanding the what you are reading? We can help! Cancer 101 will provide essential building blocks of understanding cancer, how it develops and various processes use in detecting and fighting cancer. This includes various types of biopsies, radiology tests, and understanding chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer staging and much, much more!

(See Cancer 102 for specific cancer types, or bundle 101 and 102 for maximal clarity and educational benefit)

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Cancer 102:  Focus on specific cancers types

Lung model and doctor

Do you feel like a “Deer caught in the headlight” after a cancer diagnosis? Well a picture is better than a thousand words! Cancer 102 builds on the foundation of Cancer 101 and provides additional clarity. Here you will find video materials on specific types of cancer, cancer treatment options, general questions to ask your Oncology (cancer) doctors/team and printable information that you can take to your appointments!

(See Cancer 101 for the foundation on understanding cancer, or bundle 101 and 102 for maximal clarity and educational benefit).

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Cancer 101 & 102:  Combine for the most effective preparation AND receive a discount in the process!

Get access to both Cancer 101 and Cancer 102 - demystify and simplify the cancer treatment process at this “one-stop” centralized location for the essentials about cancer.  Increase your “patient-physician” communication in cancer related treatment discussions with your cancer team. Combine Cancer 101 & 102 for maximum educational benefit and receive an immediate 10% discount for this bundle. Print out available PDFs for future reference, and much more -

(An additional discount for non-profit organizations (NPO) still applies - that could be a total savings of 15-20% on the package! Speak to your organization and have them contact us before purchasing.)

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Cancer Appointment Journal

Lung model and doctor

In this Cancer Journal you will find;

  • An area to enter all the information your nurses and doctors will routinely ask you (medications, medical history, etc., )
  • General Questions about cancer surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc., that may  be applicable to any cancer
  • Specific Questions for Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer to guide radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery questions
  • A brief survivor follow-up template that is very useful once all cancer treatment is complete...

Combined with this VIDEO education website you will not find a better service built around your needs anywhere!


*Please note: Even though you may not immediately understand the questions, asking them will allow your doctor to offer an explanation.  This is VITAL in understanding the cancer diagnostic process, treatments, expected side effects, etc.,  leading to improved advocacy and treatment decisions.

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What do patients like most about our website?

  • They enjoy the simplicity of the short videos, the clear easy-to-read PDF’s, and the “One-Stop” format of the information provided

  • They feel empowered with increase knowledge on basic cancer terminologies and genuine understanding of the cancer diagnosis and process

  • The information save precious time at appointments with their cancer team, as they were able to have productive discussion about their diagnosis and understand their care action plan better

  • A sense of control - being able to advocate and stand-up for themselves during the journey

Conferences & Seminars

Speaking Engagements

  • Dynamic, interactive presentations and speaking engagements by a Board Certified Oncologist on the leading cancer diagnosis, common treatment options,  side effects, etc.,
  • All presenters uses layman terms, easy to understand language with lots of illustrations, anatomic diagrams, videos, etc.,
  • Time inclusive of Question and Answer (Q&A) session
  • More extensive workshops for counselors with integrated case base psycho-social scenarios, as it relates directly to cancer
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