Navigating a Cancer Diagnosis?

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"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39. The search for information, and lengthy reading quickly became overwhelming. A good friend told me about this website, and the compiled cancer videos were so much easier to understand visually. Even my husband watched it and learned a lot - quickly!" Felicia S.

CANCER 101 VIDEO DEMO – Basic cancer information

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Cystoscopy Demo Video

Common Procedures for Staging Cancer – Watch videos on what to expect for different types of Radiology test, biopsies, etc.,

Cancer Fundamentals – Watch videos on the overview of cancer, learn the differences in common words and phrases used to describe cancer

Understanding Chemotherapy – watch videos on how chemotherapy work and side effects.

Radiation Therapy Treatment  Options - Radiation therapy is complex. These videos are very helpful in understanding the process: Consultation, CT simulation planning, treatment, expected side effects, and more.

Additional information on Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy is available in Cancer 102 section 

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CANCER 102 VIDEO DEMO –  Specific cancer types; Breast, Prostate, etc.,

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Skin Cancer demo video
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Combine Cancer 101 & Cancer 102 VIDEO CONTENTS

The Most EFFECTIVE Preparation for appointments with cancer team!

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Lung model and doctor
Lung model and doctor

We strongly suggest that you never go to any cancer appointment alone, if at all possible.  In any case, be prepared to advocate for yourself.  If you are a family member/caregiver accompanying someone to a cancer doctor appointment, are you prepared to offer support in the most useful way? We can help!

These videos are simple, easy to understand, convenient and saves precious time.  Additionally, the Cancer Journal series -  Questions for Cancer Doctors - A Cancer Journal, Breast Cancer Questions and Journal, and Prostate Cancer Questions and Journal will allow you to ask appropriate questions and take notes during the appointment - all in an easy to carry book!  To specifically address special concerns of women, be sure get "Cancer Advocacy for Women Simplified!" The entire series is available on Amazon.

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Lung model and doctor
Lung model and doctor