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Don’t Be Overwhelmed – Be Prepared For Your Cancer Appointments!

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39. The search for information, and lengthy reading quickly became overwhelming. A good friend told me about this website, and the compiled cancer videos were so much easier to understand visually. Even my husband watched it and learned a lot – quickly!” Felicia S.

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Lung model and doctor

Will all treatment for prostate cancer affect your sex life and cause erection dysfunction? For this and many other reasons, a prostate cancer diagnosis feels like losing control for most men. You may feel ill prepared to discuss anything regarding cancer treatments, especially if your sex life will be affected. Besides the fact that cancer diagnosis is scary, threat to sexual function/Erectile dysfunction (ED), may be a big factor as well. Learn how to engage your doctors and discuss your options. Knowledge is a key factor for optimal preparation for the journey and combating the associated fear. With this book and the video course, you will be prepared for appointments with your Urologist and Radiation Oncologist!

Lung model and doctor

Girl talk! This book was created by Dr. Williams for family, friends, patients, or strangers who asked her questions such as:

  • Why did I get cancer?
  • How many test will I have to take and why are the results taking so long?
  • Will I have the same symptoms as my mother did 20yrs ago?
  • How will intimacy and sex be affected after treatment?
  • How long do I have to follow-up with my cancer doctors?

This short read gem, is a compilation of Dr. Williams conversations, observations, and thoughts. A unique look at cancer care from a physician to patient, woman to woman chat intertwined with transparency, compassion, God, and love. A chat about apprehensions of the unknown throughout the cancer journey. You will find this short read “enlightening!”

Lung model and doctor

Do I need a mastectomy for this breast cancer? Is chemotherapy necessary? What is Radiation therapy? With a cancer diagnosis, comes lots of uncertainties and even more questions. You may have questions, but don’t know if what you are asking are “reasonable” questions.  This book will lead you through the questions to ask all your cancer doctors. In this book you will find questions for the breast surgeon, the radiation oncologist and medical oncologist and space is provided to write the answers down. What if you forget later? The answers will be there in the book … not on a random piece of paper, school book. This book, together with the breast cancer course, will have you fully prepared for your appointments.

Lung model and doctor

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the USA. Most patients diagnosed with lung cancer feel a sense of lost control and “doom and gloom” and that makes cancer diagnosis even more scary. The questions are numerous, as some patients do get lung cancer, though they are “never-smokers” and may have had minimal second hand exposure. Knowledge is a key factor for optimal preparation for the journey and to help combat the associated fear. In addition to Lung Cancer, there are generalized questions to address most other solid tumors (esophageal cancers, gyne cancers, pancreatic cancers, etc.,). It will help you with questions for your surgeons, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. This is your body and your life. It is important to understand the cancer language, the different doctors on your team, etc., Together with the cancer course, it will save you precious time as well.

We strongly suggest that you never go to any cancer appointment alone, if at all possible.  In any case, be prepared to advocate for yourself.  If you are a family member/caregiver accompanying someone to a cancer doctor appointment, are you prepared to offer support in the most useful way? These resources are a quick and easy way to help with your preparation!

The hybrid video cancer courses are simple, easy to understand, convenient and save lots of precious time.  Additionally, the Cancer Journal series –  will allow you to ask appropriate questions and take notes during the appointment – all in an easy to carry book!  

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Hybrid Video Cancer Courses

FREE – Introduction to Cancer Courses

(Free DEMO course – Skin Cancer is the most common cancer and Colon Cancer is the most preventable cancer). Click the image to get started!

Skin Cancer and Colon Cancer

Prostate Cancer Course Bundle – Best Preparation With Journal

(Cancer 101 covers cancer basics – Cancer 201: Prostate cancer staging, Treatments for Cancer, erectile dysfunction, etc.,) Click the image to get started!

Cystoscopy Demo Video

Breast Cancer Course Bundle – Best Preparation With Journal

(Cancer 101 covers cancer basics – Cancer 201 covers Breast cancer staging, triple negative cancer, treatments, etc.,) Click the image to get started!

Skin Cancer demo video

Lung Cancer Course Bundle – Best Preparation With Journal

(Cancer 101 covers cancer basics – Cancer 201: Lung cancer staging, different types of lung cancers, treatments for lung cancer, etc.,) Click the image to get started!

Pancreatic Cancer demo video
See cancer courses here!

It Is Easy To Get Overwhelmed When You Are Newly Diagnosed With Cancer. These Resources Will Help!