Are you a visual learner?  If you or a love one was recently diagnosed with cancer, then 2 things are commonly desired urgently:

  1. Easy to understand information about cancer, the treatment process, etc.,
  2. How to advocate for yourself or love one by asking the right questions and engaging your cancer team

This is the first step and comes before any treatment decision is made. Let us help you advocate for yourself and others! Chances are, at diagnosis, a thick folder with lots of information was given – this can be intimidating and take a long time to read. Trying to help yourself by searching the Internet can quickly become overwhelming. Here is the foundation that many have used and found helpful…before moving on to other resources.

There is nothing easier than watching videos to help explain and clarify a difficult concept – especially one as important as cancer. It is said that, “a picture is worth a thousand words” Consider not dining out tonight and watch the videos here instead (click picture of links):

Learn the basics of cancer before appointments

How should I prepare for my appointments and what questions should I ask? Get one of these cancer journal for yourself and/or a love one to help prepare!


An Amazon Short Read GemCancer Advocacy for Women Simplified!  Get it for yourself or for any women that may benefit from a quick overview about cancer in general and what to expect from a cancer diagnosis…less than 100 pages!

Support your friend through this book – she will appreciate it! 

Are you a person living with cancer, a cancer survivor, a caregiver, or someone who wants to prevent cancer?

CANCER COACH FOR YOU (CCFY) is a health coaching and counseling practice that incorporates a holistic approach to address your needs. We specialize in working with cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers, and people who want to prevent cancer. Our coaching services provide you with the support you need to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and well-being. Our therapy services provide you with the support you need to cope with receiving a new diagnosis, undergo treatment, transition off treatment, find your new “normal” after treatment, and deal with the emotional impact caring for, or losing someone to cancer.

We accept Carefirst BCBS, Maryland Medicaid, and Medicare insurances. For more information, please go to: Please contact Dr. Asher Beckwitt, Founder at (240) 388-9652 to make an appointment today!