About Us

Essential Cancer Info That Everyone Should Know!

We aim to demystify and simplify the cancer treatment process by providing a “one-stop” centralized location for essential, introductory information about cancer. The information is presented and packaged in a convenient, easy to use and understandable format – videos. This site will increase the quality of “patient-physician” communication in cancer related treatment discussions, by empowering patients through education and promoting advocacy.

PATIENT FIRST! The fundamental information provided will assist patients in creating a partnership with Oncology (cancer) Teams, such that each encounter will be more effective, efficient and productive. We believe that patient’s socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to optimal preparation for Oncology (cancer) appointments. Questions 4 Cancer Doctors provides valuable learning experience through visual aids (videos) that will allow patients to:

  • Engage confidently  with Oncology teams about all facets of the difficult topic of cancer
  • Discuss with newly attained knowledge and with increase confidence, the choices of available treatment options, side effects, and expected outcomes
  • Have a sense of control of the cancer treatment process and better awareness of the journey that lies ahead

We serve those who have been touched by a diagnosis of cancer – patients, family, friends and caregivers.

Oftentimes, when patients are diagnosed with cancer their lives are usually interrupted and most have reported a “deer in headlight” response – frozen. They are unsure of what to do, where to go for answers, what questions to ask their doctors… they are quickly overwhelmed from searches on the internet and information from well-wishers. We can help – We did the work for you!

Questions 4 Cancer Doctors have combined patient’s feed back with their many years of clinical expertise to assist in providing a good foundation during the initial phase of a new cancer diagnosis.  The burden of initially grasping difficult concept and information through lengthy reading is mostly exchanged for easy to understand videos. The packaging is simple, yet profound and loved by many patients for the privacy and ease of use. The information is packaged in a convenient, easy to use and understandable format – videos! Cancer information provided here is geared towards the essentials of diagnosis and common cancers.  We hope this site will allow promotion of advocacy for self and/or others.

Questions 4 Cancer Doctors is a patient-centered company that was developed for patients diagnosed with cancer and for those who care for and about them and are accompanying them on their journey.

We are a group of Oncology (cancer) physicians and staff who desired to engage on a different platform towards closing the “patient-physician” communication gap in cancer related treatment discussions.  Advocacy work outside our clinic hours is very important to us. For many years, we have served and cared for patients diagnosed with cancer, listened to patients concerns, listened to concerned love ones and the Oncology (cancer) teams feedback as well, on how communication and care can be improved. We joined forces in 2011 and have been working together towards a common goal – providing a centralized location for quick review of basic cancer information that everyone and anyone can use.  It is our hope that the clarity of the videos, printable information and valuable packaging options are helpful during your journey. This website is our contribution towards the solution of making a difference for all patients diagnosed with cancer.

I made it through; so can you.